Saturday, April 16, 2016

Timmy Wallace


Want, said Timmy, pointing at an ad of kids playing with a toy.

Play with your other toys, said his parents.

When is my next birthday, said Timmy.

In eight months, groaned his parents.

The ad went away.


He's a sweet child, but his grades are very poor, concerned Mrs. Rosemary.  Do you know why that might be?

Why, we have no idea, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace replied.

He hasn't made many friends, continued Mrs. Rosemary.  He doesn't keep eye contact.

We will take him to the doctor, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace conceded.

Please do, Mrs. Rosemary sighed.

The Psychiatrist

He has an ungulism, affirmed Dr. Linda.  This is why he cannot be normal.

We will begin therapy at once, nodded Mr. and Mrs. Wallace.

Structure his day around activities that exercise his skills.  It has been found that rewards can evoke behaviors from ungulistic children.

We will structure his day at once, nodded Mr. and Mrs. Wallace.

Dr. Linda grinned.

School Again

I'm worried about Timmy, snorted Mr. Frankfurt.  He had by far the most difficulty this quarter on the group project.

He has an ungulism, stated Mr. and Mrs. Wallace.  We show him flashcards to teach him skills, and we give him rewards when he acts appropriately.

Very good, Mr. Frankfurt gave a smile.  How often, outside of school, does he play with other children?

He has an ungulism.

I know, Mr. Frankfurt sighed.